Why to choose FROMOSOL’s solder?

1.Core patents

Fromosol holds number of core patents, especially in flux coatings for solder preforms (PATENT NO:20131073552.5), Gold-Tin alloys Au80Sn20 solder preforms and wire (PATENT NO:201310740555) etc which solves a lots of technical problems of producing solder preforms and especial solder wires.

2.Custom-made equipments and moulds depending on patents

Fromosol has independent research and development production equipments and moulds (automatic flattening machine, automatic coating machine, automatic forming machine, all kinds of moulds, etc) to meet requirement of customers and batch production.

3.Certifications of Quality and Environment

Fromosol’s ISO-14001 and ISO9001 certifications ensure Fromosol’s parters of this dedication to quality and environmental responsibility.

4.Lower price

Fromosol offers lower price to customers. Because we don’t pay patent fee for possessing independent intellectual property, We ensure automated bath production to guarantee the quality and save labor costs for custom-made equipments and moulds depending on patents