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Fromosol is the largest manufacturer of soft solder preforms in China. We have obtained a number of patents for making solder preforms and have developed a variety of automated production equipment and have mastered manufacturing techniques of various soft solder preforms. Starting from high-purity materials, including material inspection ,smelting, extrusion, rolling , mold forming, packaging and other processes.

The main products: solder ribbon, solder preforms, solder sleeves, SMT tape and reel solder preforms, Au80Sn20 solder preforms,, fishing sinkers and weights, tin tableware and so on.

We have two manufacturing plants in China: Shenzhen Fromosol Metal Products Co., Ltd. (1400 square meters, 30 people), Hubei Xiaogan Fromosol soldering Materials Co., Ltd. (5000 square meters, 80 people). With the right to import and export and can do import and export transaction.

If you have any needs, please contact us immediately, we will provide you with the best quality service.

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Company’s advantages

We customized automatic equipment by ourselves , mass production, reasonable price

Over 20 years of manufacturing of soldering preforms, with a number of patented technologies, can be customized products for customers

We have import and export qualifications and do import and export transaction

Provide processing services and authorized OEM production based on customer’s samples or drawings.

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